Team News

Photo shoots have been organised for all teams this season.  Photos are being taken at Bayview. Much like the school photos, packs will be delivered and you can choose to what you want to buy.

Packs will be available for you to purchase at a cost of £14. The pack includes a team photo and individual photo of your child as well as an additional photo and key ring. Photos are being taken by a professional photographer and are an excellent opportunity for the academy to gather official photographs of each team

Friday 15th April
2009s @ 530pm
Wee Fifers @ 6pm
2008 @ 610pm
2004 @ 630pm
2004g @ 650pm
2004b @ 710pm
Possibly 2000’s TBC

Monday 18th April
2001 @ 545pm
2010 @ 600pm
2003 @ 620pm
2003g @ 640pm
2002 @ 7pm
2001g @ 720pm
Possibly 2000’s TBC

Wednesday 20th April
2006 @ 545pm
2006g @ 6pm
2007 @ 620pm
2007g @ 640pm
2005 @ 7pm
2005g @ 720pm
2005b @ 740pm


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